Who We Are

We’re a vibrant online marketing agency based in Milton Keynes, specialising in marketing UK gaming websites.

Since the company was founded in 2005, we’ve helped to change the landscape of affiliate marketing. Although we’re a small company, we have made a big impact and now own and operate an expanding range of successful online portals, produced and promoted by our uniquely talented group of marketing and creative professionals. 

As market leaders, we have been responsible for a number of industry firsts and have forged enviable relationships with an impressive range of online marketing companies and traffic suppliers. In fact, Super Free Bingo, our first product was one of the first of its kind to be promoted on television, and continues to be a leading light of the UK online gaming industry.

We pride ourselves on bringing innovation, creativity and experience to everything that we do. Essentially, at Little Star Media (to quote the great American astronomer, Carl Sagan), “We are all made of star stuff”!

What We Do

We currently own and operate two games portals, www.superfreebingo.com and www.superfreeslotgames.com through which we market a variety of gambling and gaming websites.

Super Free Bingo
Super Free Bingo is a leading online bingo portal launched in 2005 and is our flagship product. The site has experienced phenomenal success and has been responsible for many industry firsts and ground-breaking marketing initiatives. We have learnt a great deal from running Super Free Bingo and have successfully transferred the skills to other areas of online marketing. Super Free Bingo was also subject of television advertising, being one of the very first online portals to advertise on UK television.

Super Free Slot Games
Super Free Slot Games is an online casino slot games portal, building on the success of Super Free Bingo. Since its launch, it has made waves in the industry and has proved to be a great success for the business. Using our knowledge of highly optimised user journeys, marketing messages and sourcing of quality traffic, Super Free Slot Games has already helped thousands of visitors find free slots from many market leading online casinos.

We have also created mobile sites for our Super Free Bingo and Super Free Slots Games products. We know that a large part of the gaming world now uses their mobiles to play on the go so we decided to get ahead of the market. The creation of a mobile optimised site not only makes us unique within the industry, but also helps us to provide an all-round affiliate service. It allows us to open up a new revenue stream, access a bigger and wider demographic market, as well as embracing a new generation of gamers. It’s in our nature to make sure that we are constantly moving with the times, meeting demand and remaining technology savvy.

To Be Continued…
The team here at Little Star Media are full of bright ideas for future projects. There's plenty more to come very soon, both in the world of online gaming, and other wide ranging markets, so watch this space…

Work with us


Are you a publisher looking to increase your revenue? The LSM network can help you easily boost your website revenue by advertising our thriving and rapidly expanding websites. We pride ourselves on maintaining good relationships, offering real-time stats and prompt payment, so promotion is simple! Here are a few reasons why you should join our network…

If you are working with other networks, that’s not a problem for us as we don’t require exclusivity. Ad Serving

We can offer you access to real-time stats so you can keep track of your campaigns yourself. We will provide a login for you to use but are always on hand to help.

Direct Relationships
One of our strengths is maintaining fantastic relationships with our publishers and we pride ourselves on being approachable, friendly and quick to respond.

On Time Payments
We ensure prompt payment and are always on the other end of the phone if you have any questions.

Premium Brands
We have two sites that we own and have built up from scratch. This means we know them inside and out. Over the years we have built our reputation and have worked very hard to get our sites up to the highest possible standard, something we’ve very proud of.

Working within the LSM network can help you easily boost your website revenue by advertising these thriving and rapidly expanding websites. Promoting the excitement and fun of online entertainment with us is simple.

In the past we have worked with a large number of advertising networks to drive traffic to our sites. Now, we are building a network of publishers ourselves, working in the same way as a network with our own ad server providing logins to real time stats for our publishers.

As well as building our network we are building relationships. We like to work very closely with publishers and the team behind the network have a very personal approach to affiliate enquires. We are always available for on-going support within office hours, through phone, email and instant chat.

Want to know more? Visit: www.lsmnetwork.com


As well as building up excellent relationships with the operators we work with, we provide them with a consistent volume of good quality (highly targeted) traffic. We always ensure that campaigns are fully optimised and run smoothly to maintain a positive return on investment (ROI) with the best conversion rates possible.

More Than Affiliates
We build up excellent relationships with the operators we work with, based on effective communication and great results. Because of this, we like to be considered marketing partners, not just affiliates. Working with us involces creating a successful long-term partnership beneficial for both parties, not just a quick fix.

High Volume, Quality Traffic
We’re willing to put in the time to work closely with our partners and build up strong relationships. To provide operators with a consistent volume of good quality traffic, we’ve adopted a different approach from fellow affiliates. Our strategy has focused on media buying rather than SEO, with 99% of our traffic being purchased, an approach that has provided us with some fantastic results.

Results Driven
Not only do we always ensure that campaigns are fully optimised and run smoothly, we’re also driven by results and always strive for the very best conversion rates.

Easy User Experience
We have also honed step-by-step guides to help customers experience a smooth transition from clicking out of site to registering with the operator. We constantly work on updating and developing the user journeys to make them as simple and compelling as possible. It’s approaches like this that guarantee the traffic we send to our operators is always highly valued.

Retention & Re-engagement
We’ve worked closely with our operators to produce retention / re-engagement strategies to improve ROI, helping to nurture mutually beneficial, successful growth. On a practical level, this will also maximise the lifetime value of the player.

Something To Suit You
If you want a flexible partnership deal, whether it be revenue share, cost per acquisition or cost per lead, we can find something to suit your individual company needs. As well as the on-site position, there is also regular availability to choose to send an email drop to our large database (a combined total of approximately 45,000 contacts), and you can get the same affiliate deal for this as for on-site.

Get In Touch
If you are interested in a partnership with LSM, then please contact our Commercial Team.


Do you have what it takes? At Little Star Media we're always on the lookout for talented individuals who can bring a fresh spark and add dynamism to our rapidly expanding team. So, if you think you're a great match, please get in touch!

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